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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A first of its kind AI marketplace platform which aggregates, curates, and engages independent domain experts and boutique specialist firms with expertise in all functions of business, finance, technology and HR
  2. It blends domain expertise with intelligent technology. The technology provides capability matched, rank-ordered experts and service providers for speed and scale. The domain expert curates, governs and supports the client.
  3. It brings together a fragmented and unevenly distributed human capital industry into one platform.

What makes SolveCubeHR credible? Twice funded by Enterprise Singapore; built and managed by seasoned CXOs with global experience and who have worked in some of the best organizations in the world.

For Turnkey assignments
  • Clients register free on the platform
  • Once registered, a Talent manager is allocated to the client to support the end to end process as follows:Sign a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with the client Talent Manager will execute the below steps for the client :
    • Gather and post requirements on the platform Curate the top matches and share the shortlist to the client.The intelligent matchmaking engine gets to work when the Talent manager submits the requirements, instantly providing several rank ordered curated recommendations of the best fit capability. If there is no instant match, the TM will aggregate and curate from other digital channels into the platform.
    • Help finalise the selection for the client
    • Facilitate negotiation of the engagement contract terms.
    • Provide an SOW ( Statement of Work) to be signed by the client
    • Sign back to back agreement with the domain expert/enterprise, to meet the requirements of the client
    • Experts/Enterprises start the assignment and raise invoices through the platform as per agreed milestones.
    • Platform invoices the client as per agreed terms of each SOW, collects and pays the domain expert or an enterprise, net of platform fees
  • Once the MSA is signed, the process of repeat engagement of experts for different assignments is quite simple and quick. Client gives requirements to the Talent Manager, who helps in executing from step b to i above.
For Domain Expert on call

The Client or the dedicated Talent Manager posts requirements following which the best possible matches are identified and presented to the Client. The Domain expert is simultaneously informed of the posted requirement. The Client pays the fee and fixes the time for the call online.

Buying HR ready to use tools, policies and templates

The Client chooses the products to buy, pays and downloads it for use.

  • Every week ~250-500 experts across different domains onboard the platform
  • Integrated APIs of talent inventories into the platform provide instant access to ~400M experts globally, shortlisted through the AI capabilities and rank ordered matches present the right fit almost instantly for further curation.
  • Aggregating through other digital platforms, advertisements for client assignments etc enable the platform to aggregate hundreds of experts every week.