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HR Ready Cube


HR Toolkits- Professionally written, cost effective & downloadable for Start-ups, SMEs & Growth Companies

What is HRreadyCube?

HRreadyCube is a specialised solution to simplify human capital management practices, thus enabling business & line managers with toolkits to run their HR effectively. As an initial offer, we are bringing you HR toolkits for key practice areas identified from our research.

Designed for all

HR Toolkits can be used by start-ups, small or medium sized businesses or even large multinationals. You can pick and choose the toolkit that suits your organisation's needs.

Find a solution that fits

Through HRreadyCube, we are offering you HR Toolkits to help manage People Practices and set up or support the HR function in your company.

These practices are considered the most important for businesses, according to analytics from over 1000 companies, using iCube's tech-enabled diagnostic tools.


20 Policies & 85+ Templates at your disposal

All you need to do is fill out the details in the pre-existing fields to produce a letter, guideline form or information page, for creating documents.


Get it customised for a small fee

We understand your need for HR policies relevant to your business. Therefore, our Policies & Templates can be customized to your organization's needs by our team of experts at cost effective rates. We have got you covered!

We've got you covered

People = Profits

80% of CEOs and business leaders of start-ups, SMEs and growing companies are so busy growing their business that they find little time to focus on building effective people management practices that are important for sustainable business performance.

We bring 300 years of combined practical experience, creating and managing some of the best HR functions globally. We know what it takes to build your HR capability to achieve business results.

Every practice area toolkit has:
  • A robust framework
  • A set of professional policies
  • A set of templates
How will these toolkits benefit you?
  • Attracts and retains talent
  • Enhances people performance
  • Builds better employer brand
  • Supports in building a great place to work

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