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Add on Talent Acquisition expertise when, where and only for as
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SolveCube’s platform.

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The easy way to manage a temporary recruitment surge OR is the recruitment surge eating into your bandwidth?

You may need to quickly shore up new talent while you implement a business strategy or to deliver a big assignment that you won.


Rejig your workforce to align it with your business growth OR Is the workforce rejig project taking too long?

You may have added on new business verticals or re-aligned your workforce to address the growth needs and cannot afford to dedicate an existing resource for recruitment alone.

SolveCube’s 2000+
Recruiter’s on Demand

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About our
experts and what you get

  • Our Talent Acquisition experts are Recruiters++.
  • All our recruiters are HR professionals with practical HR experience. They understand talent acquisition, engagement and retention just like your HR function does.
  • They recruit for you like they are a part of your team.
  • They will use your HR tech tools and apps to deliver for you.
  • They work exclusively for you while on your contract.
  • Fixed monthly recruitment fee
  • Fixed incentive for each hire
  • Not on your payroll. Paid on SolveCube platform
  • Immediate replacement
  • 12 month contracts.
  • SolveCube the AI talent marketplace platform delivers curated talent in 72 hours.
  • 480M+ Profiles TA experts available on demand anywhere in the world on a platform
  • Managed, supported, and overseen by our experts for you
  • No management engagement
  • Plug and play. Get TA experts immediately & and flex according to your need
  • Matched by industry experience.
  • Cost effective. No recruitment company charges

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